Cave of the Trabacche and Catacomb of Cisternazzi

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Not far from Ragusa there are two treasures with a unique archaeological value throughout the province. I’m talking about the Cave of the Trabacche and the Catacomb of Cisternazzi. Let’s find out together! 🙂

1: Cave of the Trabacche


The Cave of the Trabacche is a small catacomb excavated in the Iblean highland, dated around the 4th century BC. It presents itself as an example of unique funeral architecture in the whole Ragusa area.

Inside, tomb with a rectangular section and arcosolium

Insiede, tomb with a rectangular section and arcosolium

The catacomb is characterized by the presence of several rectangular section tombs, dug into the ground, some arcosolium tombs and two huge sarcophagus tombs that dominate the center of the room. Probably the recipients of these huge canopies had to be very wealthy people and very important for those times. However, the architectural realization of both sarcophagi, in which they were carved in the stone some columns, leaves you speechless.


First canopy tomp

Second canopy tomb

2: Catacomb of Cisternazzi


Definitely more “obscure” and less luminous than that of the Trabacche, but fascinating in equal measure, the catacomb of the Cisternazzi district looks like (probably) a family hipogeum, dated around the IV century BC. There are several tombs on earth and arcosolium tombs, but the predominant part is the imposing canopy that dominates the entrance to the hypogeum. To accentuate his presence even more, two enormous pillars were built, as if to lead the spectator towards the monumental sarcophagus.


On one of these pillars, moreover, you can see the figure of a lamb carved in the rock. It was not at all easy to find it, if you want to look for it … Good search! 🙂


To watch the video, subtitled in English:


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