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MircoMannino/ 5 Dicembre, 2018/ Modica, Province of Ragusa/ 0 comments

There is a place in the city of Modica where the desire to create and share something with feeling and fervor is still alive, as is the earth on which we rest our feet at every step we take.

It is the Matt’officina (crazy – workshop), created by A.A. (Associate Artists).
Located in the plant of a former slaughterhouse, the Matt’officina was founded in November 2017 as a place for creative creation and exchange. The founding members: Pamela Vindigni, Marco Grifola, Luca del Guercio, Aldo Giovannini, Marco Silvia Antonio Moreno and Grazia Ferlanti have worked hard – with the help of some volunteers – to redevelop the area in order to obtain a true multi-purpose outpatient workshop.

The versatility of each of these artists is surprising, as they are fed by the common interest to devote themselves to the various aspects of art: painting, sculpture, ceramics, poetry, and theatrical performances are some of the disciplines in which they dedicate with great passion.
Humility and simplicity are the masters, giving life to an environment in which the desire and the joy of creating are breathed deeply.

The interest in the local area, culture and tradition are other aspects that the associated artists
take into consideration and from which they take inspiration to create collective seminars and workshops aimed at all age groups, combining the passion for artistic production with the revaluation of the territory from the cultural and environmental point of view.
Every day, curious people come from the city or even outside, crossing the threshold attracted by this small embryo that slowly gets more and more life.

Here is a key point: Life.
A curious confrontation were able to create the Associated Artists: the return to the community of a place of life, when long ago this same place was associated with the death of animals destined for slaughter.
To definitively seal the spiritual purity of these people there is a sentence stuck to the wall that you read as soon as you enter: “It is impossible to have a healthy society without proper respect for the earth”.
Reading this writing, I smile every time.

Some of the artists

Some of the artists

… A te

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