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Motta Sant’Anastasia and its Neck

MircoMannino/ July 20, 2019/ Motta Sant'Anastasia, Province of Catania/ 0 comments

I speak about Motta Sant’Anastasia, a town of 12 thousand inhabitants whose characteristic is unique in all of Italy. It stands on a lava Neck. What is a lava Neck? Summarizing, the fortress on which the municipality of Motta Sant’Anastasia rises, was originally an eruptive cone produced by Etna in the Ice Age, around 500 thousand years ago. The magmatic material contained in the chimney solidified over time, preventing it from escaping from the cone. Parallel to this, the atmospheric agents gave rise to a progressive process of erosion of the external eruptive cone, thus causing the solidified magmatic material contained within to emerge over the millennia. The Neck, in fact, 65 meters high and made up of prismatic columnar basalts with a pentagonal or hexagonal section.