The Project

The project is born with the idea of discovering Sicily in every detail: from the mountains to the seas, from the hills to the lakes; exploring every single urban, natural and artistic beauty. In parallel I would like to know people who inhabit this island, their culture, listening their stories and take inspiration from them to write new ones. I’ll employ a fundamental means: the tale.
My wish is giving birth to a complete and heterogeneous project: a trip to the discovery of every single beauty, accompanied by the tales told me from the people of the area. We live in time in which is very easy to take a plane and fly overseas, driven by curiosity to discover other countries, forgetting what is there on our territory.
Through this trip I would like to encourage to the people the awareness that “the beauty” is also located backyard.
The intention is to write a book, when the trip is over, which consists in a collect of stories and of the best photos I have taken.
If my trip has success, my desire is to extend my horizons to the entire Italy, one region at a time.