Kamarina, the story of a rebellion

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Hello Sicily lovers! Today with great pleasure I want to take you along the ancient streets of the Kamarina colony, located in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina, in the province of Ragusa 🙂

Kamarina was founded in 597 BC from Syracuse, on a promontory not far from the mouth of the Ippari river. It was built in this area in order to have greater control of traffic with Africa and to slow down the advance towards the south from Gela.

Beach near Kamarina

Soon the colony made some business deals with the Siculi of Hyblea Heraia (the actual Ragusa) and Pantalica, soon reaching its own economic independence. This meant that soon the colony came into conflict with the motherland to be totally independent. In 552 BC the Kamarinas revolt attempt, with the support of the Siculi, did not go well. Syracuse ceded the territory of Kamarina to Hippocrates of Gela, to try in some way to curb its advance towards the south and to calm the threat against Syracuse.

Detail of column

It returned to the Syracusan orbit around 401 BC under the dominion of Dionisio I the great. Then it passed from hand to hand: it was dominated by the Punics, Mamertines and finally by the Romans, when the whole of Sicily became a Roman province.


Part of a house

Around the 4th century AD however, the city gradually became depopulated in favor of the foundation of another town not far from Kamarina: Kaukana. It was finally destroyed in 827 during the Arab invasion of the island.

Rests of the fountain

Some ruins of the entire colony remain here and there; the idea of ​​how the town should have remained, more than the town itself.


What leaves amazed is the absence of a theater: the lack of funds to carry out the excavations is the main cause, because certainly – in a colony having more than a thousand years of age – a theater must have been built, in line with the culture and customs of ancient Greece. When one day it will be brought to light, it will be realized that in addition to Taormina there is another theater in Sicily with a sea view, perhaps even more characteristic of Taormina. … To you

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