Novara di Sicilia and Rocca Salvatesta

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Hi my friends of In Viaggio con Te, here is my new article about a Sicilian village that really struck me and left me speechless 🙂
I speak of Novara di Sicilia, in the province of Messina, a village situated between the Nebrodi Mountains and the Peloritani Mountains. Due to its geographic conformation it is also called “The town between the two seas”, due to the particular location between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

Saint Sebastian bridge

View on the village

1 – The Village

Although the name may mislead, this country has nothing to share with Novara located in Piedmont. The name, in fact, has undergone several changes throughout the history: from Noa (Sicani) to Novalia (Roman), from Nuah (Arabi) to Nocaria (Normanni) and finally Novara 🙂 It was then added “di Sicilia” to differentiate it from the Novara of Northern Italy.

St Antonio Church

View on the village


From this nice village you can admire a splendid landscape on the Aeolian Islands and Capo Tindari on one side, on the other a really interesting glimpse of the Rocca Salvatesta (1340 m), the second highest mountain of the Peloritani Mountains after the Great Mountain (1378 mt.)
For the incredible scenery in which this country is set, the small alleys and the medieval structure that has managed to maintain over the centuries, Novara di Sicilia is included in the list of the Borghi più belli d’Italia 🙂


Street that goes through the village

Street that goes through the village

Video about Novara, subtitled in English:

2: The Maiorchino cheese

If you pass by these parts you cannot not taste the Maiorchino, cheese produced exclusively in this area, for 60% sheep and about 40% goat cheese! : D This cheese is also known for the respective tournament that takes place during the Carnival period from 1600 to today. The tournament consists in rolling the Maiorchino shape through the streets of the town for a track of about one kilometer. The aim of the competition is to reach the finish line – the Don Michele plan – before the other opponents. Curious is to see the competitors tie, each according to their own comfort, the cheese shape with a particular string, the “lazzàda”, and then get ready for the launch.

Maiorchino championship, a player prepares to the launch

Maiorchino championship, a player prepares to the launch

Maiorchino championship, a player prepares to the launch

Maiorchino championship, a player prepares to the launch

3 – The Rocca Salvatesta

Rocca surrounded by the clouds

La Rocca Salvatesta is a mountain of the Peloritani Mountains 1340 meters high, the second highest in the chain after the Big Mountain (1378 mt.)
Due to its shape it is also called “The Cervino of Sicily”, from whose top you can enjoy a splendid view on Novara di Sicilia, the Aeolian Islands, Capo Peloro and Capo Tindari.

Capo Tindari, at the first light of dawn

MIlazzo peninsula, at the first light of dawn

Mount Etna, watched from Rocca Salvatesta

Of great interest is the profile of a man who can be seen portrayed in the rock of the mountain, which is thought to be watching over Sicily, or watching over a treasure hidden under the Rocca that will make the whole island rich.

Profil of a man in the rock

Profile of a man in the rock

Climbing this mountain is really a pleasant activity, for the landscape that you can enjoy and for the healthy air that you can breathe.
I was so struck by the beauty of the landscape, that I decided to climb it at dawn, with a friend, to enjoy the first light of day from the top.

Sunrise from Rocca, you can see the rising sun behind Capo Peloro

Capo Tindari during the sunrise

Etna watched by the Rocca at the sunrise

Video in which I climb Rocca Salvatesta, subtitled in English:

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