Ragusa and the Festiwall

MircoMannino/ 17 Agosto, 2019/ Province of Ragusa, Ragusa/ 0 comments

For several years now Ragusa has hosted one of the most significant events in the field of street art commissioned in Sicily: the Festiwall.
Several world-famous artists in recent years have landed in Ragusa and left their mark.
Let’s see some of these works together! 🙂

1: Millo – Looking Forward To Hear From You

Most of Millo’s works are in black and white, characterized here and there by a touch of color. Usually the characters represented by Millo try to escape from intricate urban structures.
– Sweetness can be created from urban geometries –

2: Hyuro – A free Woman

The work is dedicated to Maria Occhipinti, an anarchist, writer and leader of the anti-militarist movement “We don’t leave”
The Argentine artist is used to the search for gender identity and to the representation of female bodies and looks.

3: Evoca1 – Resistenza e incertezza

A girl in humble clothes and with obvious bruises on her face holds up apples.
The artist, who has always been interested in social issues, represents with great sensitivity a scene that oscillates between melancholy and hope for a better future.

4: Agostino Iacurci – Immobile

The work represents the seismicity of Italy and its fragility towards the various earthquakes that damaged it (an example is the earthquake of 1693 of the Val di Noto, which razed the whole city of Ragusa).
The vases, symbol of the precarious seismic balance in which Italy finds itself, support an egg, symbol of fertility.

5: Pixel Pancho – Not all the memories are bad

The Turin artist places human beings in relationship with the mechanical world.
Here in Ragusa the artist has decided to portray robotic beings intent on picking oranges.

6: Sergio Costa – Mannequin

Faced with the graffiti of Pixel Pancho, this mannequin becomes a hypothetical observer who displaces the passer-by for his illusion of reality.

7: Sebas Velasco – Tribute to Gino Nobile

Graffito realized in honor of the lord of the vinyl music of Ragusa: Gino Nobile. Fascinated by the story of this gentleman who still fights against the digital music trade, the Spanish artist has decided to dedicate his work to this gentleman known throughout Ragusa, during the 2017 Festiwall.

8: Eime – Picasso

The Portuguese artist represents the Spanish painter in contemporary clothes through an interesting use of black and white mixed with a stencil style.

There are numerous other works scattered here and there, for now I have had the chance to see these. As soon as I get back there I will not hesitate to continue the documentation of these wonderful graffiti. At the moment, I hope these works will be enough for you 🙂

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