Raju, the abandoned village

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Beautiful friends of In Viaggio con Te, today I want to take you to discover the Fondachelli Fantina, located in the province of Messina, not far from Novara di Sicilia and from Francavilla di Sicilia! 🙂
The Fondachelli Fantina are a series of scattered municipalities, scattered here and there around the Fantina stream. Among the villages there are Carnale, Chiesa, Evangelisti, Fantina, Fondachelli, Figheri, Frascianida, Giarra, Marcazzo, Pietragrossa, Raccuia, Rubino, Ruzzolino, San Martino, Sant’Antonio and the abandoned hamlet of Raju.
The name derives from the word fondaco, which indicates a warehouse. This area, in fact, in the medieval period was used as a warehouse for seaside towns or as an accommodation area for foreign merchants.

Bridge on Fantina river, between the villages of Chiesa and Fantina

View on Fantina river and on the village Frascianida

Village of Raccuja

In particular I would like to focus on Borgo Raju, a village born during the agrarian reform between 1940 and 1950 (therefore the same age as the Villages Schisina, located between Francavilla and Novara).
The village, of about 400 inhabitants, was located along the Fantina river and inhabited mainly by artisans, farmers and shepherds.

Borgo Raju, seen by the Fantina river

The life of this village was unfortunately upset by a severe flood on the night of New Year’s Eve in 1972 which caused the Fantina stream to overflow, which fell on the houses of the inhabitants of Raju, taking the life of a family of four people.

Detail of a mountain above the village

After this tragic event the village was gradually abandoned. The inhabitants moved to the neighboring towns of Novara di Sicilia, Trappitello, Rodi Milici and Terme Vigilatore.


Main street

Church of the village

Raju, detail of the houses

Now the village is in a state of complete abandonment, left to itself and populated by the local fauna that finds accommodation here and there among the various villages forgotten by time.
Once in your life, if you happen to pass by those parts, it is worthwhile to throw an eye on this village, bringing full respect for what you see and for that poor family who lost their lives.
Here the video on the village, realized rather badly, characterized by a superficial and unmotivated ironic vein, before I learned that here in this village a family was dragged by the fury of the Fantina stream.

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