Schisina Villages

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Friends of In Viaggio con Te, today I want to take you to the Schisina Villages, located between Francavilla di Sicilia and Novara di Sicilia, in the province of Messina 🙂

Village of Pietra Pizzuta

The Schisina Villages are a series of settlements built in the 1950s during the Agrarian Reform in Sicily, with the aim of expropriating the old estates and assigning them to farmers. A total of seven villages were built: Borgo Schisina (the capital of the villages), Borgo San Giovanni, Bucceri-Monastero, Pietra Pizzuta, Malfìtana, Piano Torre and Morfia.

Village of Morfia

Inner view of the church of Morfia Village

View on Morfia village

However, after the assignments of the first dwellings, the peasants refused to live in the pre-arranged dwellings as they were carried out without any attention regarding the management of the spaces, due to the extremely small sizes, and because of the thermal conductivity of the roofs of the houses, built on the terrace, due to which the heat in summer and the cold in winter, the people inside would have suffered.
Furthermore, the houses lacked light and running water.

Main street in Schisina village

Detail of Schisina Village

Schisina village, square and church

Schisina village, detail

Already in the early 1960s these villages were abandoned. Now they are left to themselves, at the mercy of the pastures of local breeders and the curious – like me – who walk here and there in Sicily in search of interesting places to discover.

Example of graffiti in Schisina Village

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