The Macallè of Santa Croce!

MircoMannino/ 9 Maggio, 2019/ Province of Ragusa, Santa Croce Camerina/ 0 comments

After a nice excursion to the Baths of Mezzagnone or to the archaeological park of Kamarina, you should definitely try a tasty specialty in this small town in the province of Ragusa!
I am talking about Macallé, a dessert that can be found throughout the region and in all the provinces of Sicily, the only difference you will find will be the type of ricotta used (if vaccinated, ovine or caprine) and the name with which the product will be presented: Macallè in the province of Ragusa, Cartoccio in the province of Catania and Palermo, while here and there can also happen to find the word Rollè!

But then, you may wonder, why should I include this very tasty dessert in the municipality of Santa Croce?
Simply because only in Santa Croce do the Macallè, I don’t know why, twice as big as those you could find in the rest of the region!

As you can see from the photo, only one Macallè is as big as my whole hand! 😀
Well, what are you doing standing there watching? Run and buy one of these delicious Macallè!

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