The Torre San Filippo

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Hi nice people! Today I want to talk you about a splendid fief situated between Ragusa Ibla and Giarratana, completely immersed in the countryside of the Hyblean plateau: the Torre San Filippo:)


Of considerable difficulty to reach, the Torre San Filippo was built in the 800 by the owner of the homonymous feud in order to better control its territorial area. This complex of buildings is truly unique to the viewer. The first thing that catches one’s eye is the church with its neo-Gothic facade, which conveys the idea that the landowner had a certain aesthetic taste when he decided to build his own palace here.


A large laced tower also stands out, probably built on the inspiration of the towers of medieval castles in Sicily, scattered here and there throughout the regional area.


Instead, by exploring the internal areas, victims of vandalism, an incredible room cannot be missed that, for a particular play of lights, is green! Hard to believe, isn’t it?

Green living room

The details sculpted on the inner courtyard are also curious, with portraits of monstrous faces, probably with apotropaic auspices, in order to keep the evil away from the area of ​​the feud.

Monstrous faces

The Torre San Filippo now looks like a complex of buildings that, like many other buildings in Sicily and Italy, await their destiny. It is said to be put up for sale, but the asking price is so high that no one has so far shown interest in buying and giving it life, the same that it had in 800 when the owner of the feud decided to build it.

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