Walking through the streets of Monterosso Almo

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Hi nice people! Today I show you a pretty village in the province of Ragusa: Monterosso Almo! 🙂 Inserted in the list of the Borghi più belli d’Italia, Monterosso is the northernmost municipality of the province of Ragusa, located on the Iblei Mountains and not far from the respective summit: Monte Lauro, 987 meters high.


Originally called Casale Lupino, probably due to the abundance of wolves that once existed in the area, its name during the Arab invasion changed to Alimud, in honor of an Arab who converted from Islam to Christianity. With the passing of time, the name from Alimud changed to Almo.
After the Norman domination, the town was under the dominion of Enrico Rosso di Aidone, who, married with the daughter of Federico Chiaramonte, discovered this area of ​​Ragusa. Enchanted by the beauty of the village, he decided to affix his name to it, creating Monterosso Almo, and the locution Rosso is the surname of Enrico di Aidone.

View on Monterosso by night

Village characterized by numerous narrow streets in stone, the so-called in sicilian dialect vanedde, was chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore to shoot some scenes of the movie The Star Maker, nominated for the Academy Award for Best International Feature Film.

Scene taken from The Star Maker, shot in Monterosso Almo

In fact, one thing must be said, Sant’Antonio square, where some scenes were filmed and where is situated the Santuario dell’Addolorata, was defined by several directors as a natural television set 🙂

View on Sant’Antonio square

Town with a very interesting culinary tradition, it presents in its surroundings – on Monte Casasia – some Sicilian – Greeks remains of considerable historical interest.
Originally located on the slopes of a hill, it was like several other cities in the Val di Noto, razed to the ground by the violent earthquake of 1693. It was subsequently rebuilt, not on the remains of the pre-existing city, but in a higher position, the one that today we can appreciate.

The streets of the village

The streets of the village

Due to its physiognomy of Crib City, it hosts every Christmas the living crib, creating a suggestive and at the same time a contemplative atmosphere.

Cave where is represented the Nativity Scene

Since several years the prize for the best crib of the year has been claimed by Monterosso Almo and the neighboring municipality of Giarratana; obviously the people who live in their respective villages support that their crib is the best! 🙂
Do you want to know which is the best, according to me?
I won’t tell you!!

To you

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