What you must eat in Monterosso Almo!

MircoMannino/ 4 Giugno, 2019/ Borghi più belli d'Italia, Monterosso Almo/ 0 comments

Hi nice people!
My gastronomic itinerary on the province of Ragusa continues, albeit in small steps!
Are you curious to find out what’s so interesting to eat in the beautiful Monterosso?
Well, make yourself comfortable then and let’s find out together!

1- The Maretti The Marettis are tasty almond desserts, with a flavor very similar to almond paste that you can find in Scicli or Modica!


2 – The Marmarati Tasty and crunchy (very crunchy) almond biscuits, processed with sugar and honey! Try it at least once!


3 – The ‘Mpanate Typical of the entire province of Ragusa, here in Monterosso the most typical taste of ‘Mpanata is with chicken and potatoes. It’s worth it!
The best ones? By Panificio San Giuseppe! 🙂
4 – U Cudduruni A masterpiece, a delight of flavors. U cudduruni is made with the residues of bread dough combined with lard, parsley, caciocavallo cheese and dried tomato. This is the absolute thing that I prefer! The best one? By Panificio Messina!

5 – The Patacò


Typical of Licodia Eubea, it can also be found in Monterosso, given for the short distance from the two municipalities. Food vaguely similar to polenta and in touch with the country tradition, is based on the processing of the flour of a now rare legume: the cicerchia. Broccoli (u scamuzzo) and sometimes even sausage are usually added to it. Rich in proteins, patacò is a purely winter dish, although if you wish, once the dish has been prepared, it can be left to rest, wait for it to compact well and then bread i and make an omelette. The omelette patacò is not just an experience, but a sensory experience. – … To you


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