What you must eat in Ragusa!

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After having seen the whole city far and wide, are you curious to know what’s good to eat here in Ragusa? Make yourself comfortable!

1: The Scacce

Scaccia with ricotta and sausage

Tipical focaccia breads of Ragusa area, characterized by a lot of tastes. The most classical are: – ricotta and sausage (or onion) – parsley and onion – tomato and onion – tomato and aubergines – tomato, parsley and onion.

Scaccia with tomato and parsley

The best ones? By Giummarra or Guastella! 🙂

2: Cassatelle with Ricotta

Typical of the Easter tradition are the cassatelle of ricotta, of the Ragusa area. A preparation based on durum wheat flour, kneaded to obtain the shape of a crown, inside which is placed the ricotta mixed with sugar, cinnamon and lemon peel.

3: The Macallé

Macallè fried with ricotta

The Macallé is a dessert that can be found throughout the region and in all the provinces of Sicily, the only difference you will find will be the type of ricotta used (if vaccinated, ovine or caprine) and the name with which the product will be presented: Macallè in the province of Ragusa, Cartoccio in the province of Catania and Palermo, while here and there can also happen to find the word Rollè! They can be found either fried or baked (delicious in both modes)

Macallé cooked in the oven

If you ever go to Santa Croce Camerina one day, there you will have the honor of finding huge Macallè, XXL size! Try them at least once!

4: Granita with almonds

Because of the south-east area of Sicily is characterized by a lot of almond trees, the best granita you can eat is granita with almonds!
You can choose two tastes: white almond or toasted almond. In this foto I have chosen for the second option 🙂

5: Almond pastes

Almond paste, so called “Snow flake”

Tipical in all Sicily, but mostly in the area of Ragusa, are the almond pastes! There are many different types of almond pastes that you can find and buy, here I show two types: one made with carrubs and the other called “Snow Flake”.

Almond paste made with carrubs

6: Saime biscuits

They are biscuits made with saime (lard) and flavored with a pinch of cinnamon. Usually S-shaped, they are really tasty cookies to taste for breakfast!

7: Scaurati biscuits

They are initially boiled and then baked in the oven, flavored with fennel seeds or anise. They can be found throughout the Province, but it is said to be typical especially of the city of Ragusa!

8: The Cornetto with ricotta cheese

Essential, simple and delicious, the cornetto with ricotta cheese is simply one of the best way to begin your day! You have to try it once in your life… or once a day! 🙂

Enjoy your meal!

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